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AstroShot Gemini Shooting Target Game

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The AstroShot Gemini multiplayer target shooting game set comes with 2 air blaster toy guns, 12 green and 12 blue soft foam balls, and 1 easy-to-assemble space-themed standing target. Each of these ball popper toy guns requires no batteries and uses air to shoot foam balls up to 20 ft shooting range; shoot for the aliens on the standing target or battle friends with the soft foam balls. Load all 12 soft foam balls into each toy blaster gun before shooting, pump, then rapid-fire the balls into the different scoring pockets on the standing target to get the most points. Space-themed target stand measures 43” H x 14.5” W and includes (24) 1” soft foam balls; great outdoor/indoor play equipment for kids ages 6+; compatible with Nerf guns and accessories. The AstroShot Gemini is great for solo play or for playing with family and friends.