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Scented Scratch Stickers: Nom Nom Narwhals

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Narwhals love donuts and our stickers prove it

Narwhals know how to party! The proof is right in this set of scented stickers! Two sticker sheets plus six die cut stickers are included in this delicious pack. Each one smells like a sweet sweet donut. Pack a dozen because these craveable stickers are so cute that you can’t have just one!

Your invitation to the narwhal party is here, and on the menu is nothing but deliciously delightful donuts. These scented stickers feature narwhals doing their favorite things - eating donuts and smiling! You can’t help but be charmed by these unicorns of the sea. In fact, we dare you to try not to smile when you come across this sticker on a notebook or lunchbox. Better yet, try not to take a deep whiff of their delicious donut scent! Two paper sticker sheets plus six die cut stickers are included. They’re a real treat as birthday party favors too!

  • Includes two paper sticker sheets and six die cut stickers
  • Donut scented stickers
  • Stickers feature happy narwhals with donuts and sweet messages
  • 7.7” x 4.2”
  • Suitable for ages 3+