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Living Nature Yellow Fluffy Chick

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This Living Nature baby chick stuffed toy is the sweetest character in the Living Nature Hen House, but with the most mischievous personality!

Keeping up with his brothers and sisters, this adorable little chick has little orange legs, the softest body and the most adorable face. A perfect gift for children who love farm animal toys!

Chicks are super fluffy baby chickens. Their mothers, called hens, lay eggs and sit on these to grow the chick. After 21 days the chick will break out of the egg by pecking tiny holes in it with a bump on its beak called an egg tooth. It’ll be wet through at first from the yolk inside the egg. Once it’s dry, their down (chick fur) becomes really fluffy and soft! This fuzzy soft coat makes these baby birds really adorable. At 3-6 weeks old though, they go through an ‘ugly phase’ and become furless! This happens so their new feathers can grow, and at 20 weeks they become fully grown chickens.