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Lottie - Be Kind

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Let Lottie inspire your little one to choose and spread kindness to others. Wearing a super cute pinafore dress and a striped t-shirt with a “Be Kind” heart print, she is sure to encourage tender acts of love. This doll is also wearing adorable leggings with sparkly hearts on the knees, a stylish outfit for a stylish personality! Encourage imaginative play full of care, love, and generosity with this Be Kind Lottie.

Lottie Dolls is an award-winning doll brand that looks to empower kids and embraces a fun, inclusive, imaginative childhood. The doll characters are based on children and were developed in partnership with academics and child development experts. They are relatable in the activities they do, the clothes they wear, and the challenges and adventures they face. Noted for premium tactile fabrics and attention to detail, this portable doll has become a new best friend for girls and boys all over the world.

Inspired by real kids, Lottie has a range of themes from STEM education, to sports themes, to jumping in muddy puddles! The range is diverse in ability and ethnicity, helping develop empathy towards differences. Lottie wants kids to enjoy the present whilst empowering them to have their voices heard so they can help shape their own future!