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Magneti’stories: African Animals

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A wild adventure is within easy reach! This magnetic game – designed specifically for children aged 3 years and up – effectively promotes creativity. It gives free rein to children’s imagination by letting them invent wonderful adventures in an African reserve. This animal-themed game is made up of 30 magnets and an illustrated board in shimmering colours. By creating their own stories, children will develop their imagination, as well as their problem-solving skills and understanding of the world. A lion, elephant, monkey, meerkat and even a piranha are all patiently awaiting whatever new adventures your child will think of next. Every day will be a new adventure in majestic African nature. The magnetic backdrop has also been designed with sharing in mind! It can be stood up vertically to help little ones’ narrate their made-up adventures. This magnetic game is part of the large Magnéti'stories collection which effectively promotes imagination and motor skills. This magnetic game is made from FSC™-certified cardboard, in addition to controlled materials.