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Tonies - Math!

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Count numbers and sing songs to solve problems with Lulu!

Meet Lulu and Kip - They're adorable baby animals, and they want you to join the party and help them learn! Count numbers and sing songs to solve problems with Lulu, the youngest of the group. Based on the popular Netflix original series from The Jim Henson Company!

This Tonie teaches kids about:

  • Counting
  • Daily Routines
  • Problem-Solving


Toniebox sold separately.

© 2023 The Jim Henson Company. JIM HENSON'S mark & logo, WORD PARTY mark & logo, characters and elements are trademarks of The Jim Henson Company. All Rights Reserved

Songs and Stories:

1. Welcome to Math Party
2. Math Party Theme 🎵
3. Breakfast with Cookity Bot
4. Party in the Playroom
5. Hide and Seek with Kip and Lulu
6. Counting to Ten 🎵
7. Hide and Seek Cont'd 
8. Playing with Blocks
9. Time to Eat
10. I Love Noodles 🎵
11. Time to Eat Cont'd
12. Nature Walk
13. Tilly's Pattern Dance 🎵
14. Learning Potty Math
15. Sharing with Kip
16. Here Comes Stickitybot
17. Tooth Brushing
18. Bedtime for Pandas and Wallabies

Total Run Time: 40 minutes