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Tonies - Octonauts: Peso Tonie

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Explore both land and sea with six creature filled adventures!

Sound the Octo-Alert! It is time for six splash-tastic stories with Peso and the crew. Listen along as the Octonauts expand their exploration to both land and sea. With new rides and new friends, they'll protect any habitats and animals at risk.

This Tonie teaches kids about:

  • New experiences
  • Sea and land creatures
  • Protecting our world


1. The Octonauts and the Flying Foxes

2. The Octonauts and the Great Penguin Race

3. The Octonauts and the Giant Jelly

4. The Octonauts and the Land of Fire and Ice

5. The Octonauts and the Snot Sea Cucumber

6. The Octonauts and the Puffin Colony

Total Run Time: 89 minutes