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Slimygloop Sensory Worlds - Unicorn

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Open up a world of tactile fun with SLIMYGLOOP Unicorn Sensory Worlds! From moldable, stretchable, expandable sand to pebbles, super-soft glitter poms, and even unicorn figurines, this specially curated box of fun offers tons of ways for little ones to learn through tactile play! Form the moldable sand into fun creatures and friends, then use your hands to push and pile the sand around the bin. Crush your creations and start all over again! This activity kit offers less-mess and hours of open-ended play! Hide the heart beads, soft poms, and unicorn toys throughout the sand and go on a sensory scavenger hunt and how quick can you find them all?! Perfect for little learners ages 3 and up.

SLIMYGLOOP Unicorn Sensory Worlds

  • Discover all the ways you can learn through tactile play with SLIMYGLOOP Unicorn Sensory World, a ready-to-play, all-in-one sensory bin
  • Open the bin to find tons of sensory components, including expandable sand, glitter, moldable dough and more
  • Play inside the case, then use it as a storage space, keeping everything neat, organized and mess-free
  • Explore all kinds of textures with play sand, stones, figurines, and glittery pom balls—scoop, pile, create and crush, or play a round of sensory hide & seek
  • Discover the benefits of small world play as your little learner explores their big imagination—sensory sand is great for creative expression, storytelling and even relaxation
  • The activity of squishing and squeezing creates a calming effect that relieves stress while strengthening fine motor skills
  • Use this sensory bin as an opportunity to engage in cognitive tasks like counting or sorting—or enjoy open-ended playtime and encourage your little one to tell stories
  • Kit Includes: 9 Glitter Poms (Orange, Red, White), 2 Unicorn Figurines (1.75 x 1.375 Inches), 1 Glitter Bag, 9 Heart Beads (Purple, Green, Blue), 1 Storage Bin (8.5 x 5.6 x 1.75 Inches), 1 Pebbles Bag, 1 Dough Bag (Pink & Yellow Marbled, 3 oz.), 1 Moldable Sand Bag (Green & Blue, 2 oz.), Easy-To-Follow Instructions
  • Age Range: 3+