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Sonic Boomerang

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  • WHISTLE LOUDLY IN FLIGHT: Awesome flying boomerang experience that makes an ultra loud whistle in flight! The whooshing sound boomerang brings an endless amusement for the whole family. Available in blue, red and yellow; 1 random color selection.
  • EXCLUSIVE MATERIAL MADE BOOMERANG FOR HIGH-QUALITY PERFORMANCE: Special "Memorang" polymer will hold its tune and the wings will stay bent upwards. So easy to throw and catch the sports boomerang like a pro!
  • BUILD YOUR OWN FLIGHT STYLE: The boomerang that makes sounds can be ‘tuned’ for different flights. Bend wings down for lower flight, up for high hovering flight, & twist wing tips for smaller flight circle! Practice the tricks to be an expert!
  • GUARANTEED RETURN FLIGHT: Fly the sports boomerang in 15 - 20 meters outdoor. This whistling boomerang brings a new dimension of gameplay & accurate return flight fun for kids & adults!
  • FULL THROWING INSTRUCTION INCLUDED: Grip your outdoor boomerang between your thumb and first finger, with the curved, logo side facing towards you. The returning boomerang should be cocked as far back in your hand as possible to impart maximum spin! Follow the instructions on the back of the package.
  • Ages 8+