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Stewie the Seagull

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From his vantage point aloft in the sky, Stewie the Soft Seagull stuffed animal can see all the boats in the harbor! Children below splash and play at the water’s edge with their families and Stewie hopes he might be able to convince some of the happy vacationers to part with some of their snacks. Cuddly and soft with just the right amount of pluck, this lifelike plush sea bird is so appealing, he’s sure to come away with something! Stewie features floppy legs and feet along with realistic colors and markings that will bring to mind sunny days at the seashore. Lure him to you with a cracker or bit of cheese and capture this happy go lucky symbol of the summer for yourself, Stewie’s good looks and bright eyed charm are sure to bring a smile to your face!